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Dancing Daisies

Dancing Daisies

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The foundation of this arrangement is adorned with lush pittosporum foliage, providing a verdant embrace that beautifully complements the modern contours of the celebrity vase. Each leaf serves as a backdrop, enhancing the visual impact of the star blooms within.

At the heart of this composition are ten gerberas, each bloom bursting with vivacity and color. The assortment includes the passionate tones of red, the delicate allure of pink, the warm glow of peach, and the subtle sophistication of salmon. These gerberas, with their distinctive daisy-like petals, exude an aura of joy and celebration, making them the perfect focal point for any occasion.

The 7 1/4" Celebrity Vase, with its sleek design and impeccable proportions, elevates the floral arrangement to a work of art. Whether gracing your tabletop as a stunning centerpiece, bringing life to a mantelpiece, or making a statement as a thoughtful gift, this arrangement effortlessly blends contemporary elegance with the natural exuberance of blooming gerberas.

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