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Glorious Life

Glorious Life

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Introducing our captivating 54" Easel Glorious Life Floral Arrangement, an artful composition that seamlessly blends vibrant blooms with lush foliage to create a stunning visual statement. Anchored by a substantial wet floral foam cage, this arrangement stands tall on a sturdy easel, commanding attention with its vibrant hues and thoughtful design.

The verdant foliage, including aspidistra leaves, leather leaf, and jade, provides a rich and textured backdrop for the array of blooms that follow. Ten hot pink carnations form a lively cluster, infusing the arrangement with a burst of color and energy.

The composition is elevated with the addition of four radiant orange roses, their warm tones adding a touch of elegance. Six bells of Ireland stand tall, contributing a whimsical and graceful element. Adding a delicate vertical accent, eight peach snapdragons ('Talisman') sway gently in the arrangement.

To enhance the color palette, three stems of orange Asiatic lilies bring a vibrant glow, while three stems of solidago add a subtle filler, creating a sense of abundance and completeness.

Ideal as a striking centerpiece or as a thoughtful gift, our Glorious Life Floral Arrangement with a large wet floral foam cage is a celebration of nature's beauty and the art of floral design. Elevate your space with this meticulously curated display, where each element harmoniously combines to create a visual masterpiece that exudes vibrancy and sophistication.

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