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Patriotic Salute

Patriotic Salute

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Introducing our stunning 54" Easel Patriotic Salute Floral Arrangement – a captivating display of vibrant blooms and lush foliage, carefully curated to make a statement at any special occasion. Mounted on a sturdy easel, this arrangement features a large wet floral foam cage, ensuring optimal hydration for the resplendent flowers that take center stage.

The rich tapestry of myrtle, teepee-emerald, and salal foliage provides a verdant backdrop, setting the stage for the harmonious blend of colors. Three stems of pristine white lilies exude purity and elegance, while five white gladiolus stems add height and grace to the arrangement.

Adding a pop of passion are five red gerberas and twelve radiant red roses, symbolizing love and celebration. Three stems of white larkspur contribute an airy and ethereal quality, complemented by three white stock blooms for classic beauty.

To enhance the color palette, seven stems of blue delphinium introduce a touch of cool elegance, and three stems of white cushion poms complete the ensemble with their soft and charming presence.

Perfect as a focal point for weddings, memorial services, or as an expressive gift, our Patriotic Salute Floral Arrangement is a celebration of nature's beauty and the artistry of floral design. Elevate your space with this meticulously curated display, where each element comes together to create a visual masterpiece that speaks to the emotions of the moment.

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