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Soft Embrace Basket

Soft Embrace Basket

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Introducing our Soft Embrace Basket Bouquet, a tranquil blend of Baby Blue Eucalyptus and Salal, evoking the peaceful serenity of a sunlit garden. Adorned with two stems of Pink Lilies, three stems of Blush Roses, three stems of Lavender Stock, three stems of Pink Tulips, one stem of White Waxflower, and two delicate Succulents, this arrangement is a celebration of natural beauty and grace. Each bloom, with its gentle hues and delicate fragrance, whispers tales of love and tranquility, while the lush foliage adds depth and texture to the composition. Whether as a heartfelt gift or a soothing presence in your own space, the Soft Embrace Basket Bouquet is a radiant reminder of the beauty that surrounds us.

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