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High Impact

High Impact

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The foundation of this arrangement is a lush embrace of variegated aspidistra foliage, creating a vibrant backdrop that accentuates the sleek lines of the cube vase. Each leaf adds a touch of texture and depth, setting the stage for the star blooms to shine.

At the heart of the composition stands a single stem of yellow Asiatic lilies, their sunny disposition bringing a burst of warmth and radiance. Three delicate lavender roses accompany them, each blossom unfolding in layers of petals, exuding an air of romance and grace.

Dancing alongside are three regal purple carnations, their ruffled blooms adding depth and a sense of sophistication to the arrangement. Enhancing the color palette, one and a half stems of lavender 'Monte Casino' aster introduce a playful touch with their dainty, star-like blooms.

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